Many times your trip to South Africa does not begin nor end in the Kruger National Park

Thus we thought it would be pretty handy telling you what the weather would be like in our main tourist cities; Cape Town and Johannesburg

Posted by Outlook Safaris on May 20, 2016

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Here at Outlook Safaris we always do whatever we can to make our guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. This includes giving our guests a heads up on the weather, what’s news in the area and some handy packing tips.


Many times your trip to South Africa does not begin nor end in the Kruger National Park. Thus we thought it would be pretty handy telling you what the weather would be like in our main tourist cities; Cape Town and Johannesburg.

South African weather is in general very pleasant, even in winter time. The Western Cape, where the City of Cape Town is situated, is a winter rainfall region and every once in a while there is snowfall on the surrounding mountains.

Gauteng on the other hand is a summer rainfall region, meaning our skies are clear and blue during the winter. Most days are quite pleasant with chilly nights. When it does snow in the mountain regions we get all the cold air and that is when we truly feel the bite of winter.

The only time it gets cold in the Kruger National Park is during the winter nights and early mornings, the days are lovely during the winter as this region is also a summer rainfall area.

So, without further a’due, here is your weather forecast for the coming week.

  22 May 23 May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27 May
Cape Town 14°C/20°C 14°C/19°C 13°C/19°C 14°C/20°C 13°C/20°C 13°C/21°C
Johannesburg 5°C/18°C 7°C/19°C 7°C/21°C 5°C/19°C 5°C/20°C 6°C/19°C
Skukuza 7°C/29°C 8°C/31°C 8°C/33°C 10°C/33°C 13°C/31°C 11°C/29°C

If you feel like double checking (because we all know he weather man can be wrong sometimes) feel free to check out this great website -

What to pack?

When taking the above weather into consideration we would recommend packing the following;

  • Jeans, goes with pretty much any top and it is ideal for the evenings and mornings in the park.
  • If you’re not a jeans person sweat pants should do the job as well.
  • T-shirts and short sleeve tops
  • A water/wind proof jacket
  • Warm sleep wear
  • Sun-block for when you are in the Kruger National Park
  • Swim wear, also for when you are in the Park

Packing when going on vacation to South Africa in the winter is a tricky business, you basically need to pack for two seasons.   A handy trick when dressing in the winter in South Africa is to layer your clothing.  This makes it easy to warm up or cool down at will.  And the layers are easy to put in a backpack.

What’s in the news?

When on a vacation you are most likely to meet a bunch of new people. Sometimes a topic for conversation could be difficult to find as politics and religion is always such dangerous options. As you have already deduced we love making everything easy for our guests, so here are some safe topics in the form of interesting local news.

South African National Parks recently held an Awards evening for the staff of the Kruger National Park, honouring the men and women who make it such a pleasant place to visit  
Wild cats in cities and small towns are common across the globe; however in Cape Town a litter of the rarest cats were discovered
Ever wondered what happens if you are in the way of a stamping herd of Buffalo?

The past week’s sightings

Animal sightings are 90% luck and 10% knowing where to start looking. This past week our guides have nailed that 10%. The week thus far has been very exciting! Our guests have seen Wild-dogs, the elusive Honey Badger, numerous Lions, Leopards, Rhino and they were even lucky enough to spot some Cheetahs. Remember to follow us on Facebook to stay updated on our sightings.

We hope that we have made your bags lighter, rescued you from awkward conversations and have you excited for your Kruger Park Safari

Until next time...

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