Struggling with packing

Don’t worry, we are here to help with that!!

Posted by Outlook Safaris on October 07, 2016

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Struggling with packing your bags for your South African trip? Don’t worry, we are here to help with that and read about a brave young boy facing his fear. We also have your weather for the week ahead and a few things more.


  08/10 09/10 10/10 11/10 12/10 13/10 14/10
Johannesburg 14°C/28°C 4°C/30°C 8°C/30°C 14°C/32°C 13°C/31°C 11°C/30°C 13°C/17°C
Cape Town 12°C/18°C 7°C/18°C 8°C/22°C 11°C/16°C 9°C/14°C 9°C/21°C 12°C/26°C
Skukuza 13°C/31°C 23°C/37°C 13°C/33°C 20°C/40°C 22°C/43°C 19°C/27°C 20°C/21°C

We all know the weather man is not always to accurate, feel free to follow the link for more updated weather conditions -

Johannesburg can expect warm and sunny weather this coming week, pack your shorts, hats and sun block but be sure to have a light jacket for the evenings
The Mother City will be having slightly chilly weather with some rain expected by the tenth but by the fourteenth it is all over and you can expect some perfect weather.  Best packing advice would be to layer light sweaters or jackets over your short sleeve tops and packing jeans or long trousers but having a pair of shorts just in case, making it easy to adjust your wardrobe to fluctuating weather.

In Skukuza the weather is going to be hot, temperatures of 40°c and up are expected for a few days. Luckily some relieve from the heat will come in some light rain showers by the thirteenth.  Make sure to pack lots of sun block, your swim wear, a hat and a waterproof light jacket.

Travel Tips

camping towelRoom Soaps

Room Soaps Room Soaps

Packing for a vacation can sometimes be a bit on a pain, being scared you forget something thus packing way too much.  Here are a few basic packing tips to help you out;

  1. Don’t pack toiletries you can get at your accommodation in South Africa for free.  Also, rather buy your sun block once you arrive, the chances are it is going to be thrown out by security if it is more than 100 ml anyway.  At Outlook Safaris & Lodges we provide our guests with shampoo, soap / body-wash and body-lotion.
  2. When packing your clothes roll up the items, this creates a lot more space meaning you get more stuff into one bag. Try to pack clothes that don’t wrinkle easily or can be ironed quickly.
  3. Put all your technology into your backpack and make sure everything is in its own pocket.. This helps you to find things quickly when you need them and it also keeps them close to hand on the plane. Keep the backpack between your feet, this keeps the overhead clear for the bigger carry on pieces and means you don’t have to get out of your seat disrupting other passengers when you need something.
  4. Remember your power point converter.  In South Africa the standard voltage is 230 V. The standard frequency is 50 Hz. The power sockets that are used are of type C and / or D
  5. Don’t take up more space in your bags with bulky water bottles.  You can buy one for relatively cheap in South Africa or just re-use mineral water bottles.  When travelling with Outlook Safaris you will receive a 750ml refillable water bottle.

In the local news

When travelling with Outlook you will meet numerous people and fellow guests.  If you’re a bit shy it can be difficult to start a conversation.  Here are a few hot topics to get help you get the ball rolling”

Boy in lion attack heads back to park to face his fears!
Kruger Stories: There's a lion outside our tent!
Climate treaty ratified in race against the clock

We hope that we have made your bags lighter, saved you from awkward conversations and have you excited for your Kruger Park Safari.
Until next time...  Ready, steady, TRAVEL!

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