South Africa

is a very diverse country with our weather varying from region to region as much as the cultures and people do.

Posted by Outlook Safaris on September 30, 2016

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South Africa is a very diverse country with our weather varying from region to region as much as the cultures and people do.  In this issue of Ready, Steady, TRAVEL we update you on the weather, give you handy info about South Africa as well as some fun conversation starters with your fellow travellers.


  01 Oct 02 Oct 03 Oct 04 Oct 05 Oct 06 Oct
Johannesburg 9°C/27°C 7°C/26°C 10°C/26°C 9°C/28°C 11°C/30°C 13°C/31°C
Cape Town 11°C/19°C 12°C/25°C 13°C/30°C 14°C/26°C 13°C/22°C 10°C/19°C
Skukuza 20°C/29°C 20°C/30°C 19°C/30°C 15°C/31°C 12°C/32°C 15°C/37°C

Feel free to double check the weather; we all know the weather man can change his mind at any time -

Johannesburg is having seriously “lekker” weather.  Summer like temperatures sees us spending more and more time outside, by the end of the week the temperatures border uncomfortably warm.  However, the warm temperatures do not coincide with any rain, so the cool breeze brings with it a certain amount of dustiness. Be sure to conserve water wherever you go.

The Mother City is slowly starting to warm up, mid week sees the Cape having some very pleasant daily temperatures.  Keep your umbrella at hand as scattered drizzles are expected.
Skukuza is hot and humid, as the African bush should be.  South Africans are pretty excited as some rain has been predicted (mostly for the early mornings and late nights).  Make sure that your Outlook Safaris water bottle is filled at all times and that you always have sun block and a hat, the bush climate is brutal if you are not prepared.

Travel Tips

When travelling to South Africa there are a few things that you should know to keep you from looking and sounding really uninformed and it is always a good idea never to offend your hosts.

  1. Do not speak of Africa like it is one country, people will really think you did not have a proper education.  Africa consists of 54 countries and the continent is 30.37 million km².  When travelling do some research about the areas you’ll be visiting, good old Google will suffice.

  2. Do not be the annoying tourist asking a South African to speak South African, if you do they will look at you strangely; South Africa has 11 official languages! English is generally understood across the country, being the language of business, politics and the media, and is regarded as the country's lingua franca. But it only ranks a joint fifth (with Setswana) as a home language. Most South Africans can speak more than one language.  The 11 official South African languages are: Afrikaans, English, Ndebele, Northern Sotho, Sotho, Swazi, Tsonga, Tswana, Venda, Xhosa and Zulu. Fewer than two percent of South Africans speak a first language other than an official one.

  3. Please know that South Africa is not as rural and primitive as you may think, 4 of our cities are listed among the biggest cities in the world; Johannesburg (32), Durban (73), Cape Town (78) and Pretoria (105).

  4. We have world class airports.  The Airport Service Quality Awards are presented each year in four categories: Best Airport by Region, Best Airport by Size, Best Small Airport and Best Improvement.  A number of South African airports made the cut, with Upington being named the best small airport (serving less than 2 million passengers per year) in Africa.

King Shaka International in Durban was named the second best airport in Africa, with Cape Town International and OR Tambo taking third and fourth position.

In the local news

It is not always easy starting a conversation with strangers, especially when travelling and being among people from other countries and cultures.  Here are a few conversation starters while travelling with us:

The SA couple that got engaged at Adele’s concert tied the knot
Cape Mountain Zebra downlisted at CITES CoP17
Do or Die: deciding the pangolin's fate at CITES CoP17

We hope that we have made your bags lighter, saved you from awkward conversations and have you excited for your Kruger Park Safari.

Until next time...  Ready, steady, TRAVEL!

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