Another week has flown by

and it is time for your weekly dose of handy travel tips and info. Brace yourselves for a cold weekend and make sure to save our tips on how to cure jetlag.

Posted by Outlook Safaris on August 22, 2016

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Ready, Steady, TRAVEL!

Another week has flown by and it is time for your weekly dose of handy travel tips and info. Brace yourselves for a cold weekend and make sure to save our tips on how to cure jetlag.


The weather is going to be wacky!  The Western Cape has been warned for a rather hectic cold front that made landfall last night – snow, rain and gale force winds

  23 Aug 24 Aug 25 Aug 26 Aug 27 Aug 28 Aug
Johannesburg 11°C/29°C 9°C/26°C 7°C/14°C 10°C/23°C 13°C/26C 14°C/28°C
Cape Town 11°C/15°C 8°C/15°C 10°C/21°C 12°C/24°C 12°C/20°C 13°C/19°C
Skukuza 16°C/41°C 18°C/33°C 12°C/24°C 8°C/25°C 14°C/34°C 18°C/39°C

Johannesburg can expect pleasant temperatures for most of the coming week, the only exception will be on Sunday for which they are predicting rather grim weather, so snuggle up and grab a book. Note that the wind is the only thing that makes the weather rather unpleasant, it does not seem to stop blowing and because of the drought things are pretty dry causing a lot of dust.

Cape Town seems to have not gotten the memo that it is Spring because they are still experiencing grim and rainy winter weather, so keep your jackets nearby when travelling to the Mother City.

Skukuza is experiencing scorchers!  It seems that things might cool for about two days, let’s all cross our fingers that the Park receives some much needed rain.

Travel Tips

Any traveller knows that jet lag can be very unpleasant and for those of you who are first time travellers, listen up, we are about to give you some awesome tips on how to cure the unavoidable...

Basically jet lag is caused by a disruption to your body’s ‘circadian rhythm’, which is a 24-hour cycle responsible for your daily physical, mental and behavioural changes and believe it or not, this cycle is influenced by exposure to daylight.

  •  Once you have arrived at your destination, take some time to spend outside.  Daylight helps to regulate your biological clock.
  • Doing some exercise will help to reset your body’s clock. However, avoid doing exercises to close to you bedtime, as this can cause further disruption.
  • 4 Hours of sleep is recommended to ‘anchor’ you.  Combined with a few 20 minute naps you will reach your regular daily sleep requirement.
  • Invest in earplugs and an eye mask, a good night’s sleep is a basic but very necessary requirement to reset your internal clock.
  • Melatonin is the sleep regulation hormone and is triggered by temperature changes in the body; the easiest way to trigger this is by taking a cold shower in the evening and a hot one in the morning.

For more tips on how to cure your jet lag check out this video

In the local news

Nothing could be worse than an awkward silence between yourself and the new friends you made while travelling in South Africa.  Here are a few hot topics to get the conversation going:

How to help save the Cape’s oceans

Regional aviation safety on the up and up

What can we expect from SA at CoP17



We hope that we have made your bags lighter, saved you from awkward conversations and have you excited for your Kruger Park Safari.

Until next time...

Ready, steady, TRAVEL!

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