Mosquitos and Malaria: What you need to know...

We give you some tips on malaria and the mosquitos that carry it...

Posted by Outlook Safaris on March 03, 2017

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Travel Tips: Mosquitos and Malaria...

  • Before departing on a safari to Southern African countries, please consult with your General Practitioner in regards to Anti-Malaria medication. There is multiple medication these days that can be used to prevent Malaria, and with technology and studies on this disease, it can be prevented very easily.
  • Should you be advised to use this medication, please follow the instructions from your doctor regarding when to take it and when to stop.
  • Most of the areas of the Southern Kruger, is a relatively low risk Malaria area, but please be extra cautious and use insect repellent.
  • You can get Malaria basically anywhere in South Africa – that specific mosquito that is carrying the virus, might accidentally be trapped in someone’s luggage traveling from a high-risk malaria area to Johannesburg or Cape Town and then transmits the disease from there. So always make sure to wear a good insect repellent at dusk and dawn during the summer months!
  • Remember at night when you sit down to have dinner, most Safari dining area are outside, so please take your repellent with especially for those open ankles underneath the table and elbows!
  • Although Malaria causes of deaths all over the world, don’t let it scare you off from travelling! With all the research being done these days, it is very easily curable and treatment is very effective.
  • Did you know it is only the female anopheles mosquito that might carry the disease….? The male mosquito feeds mainly on nectar!
  • Whether you are travelling to the Kruger or any other area in South Africa, you will always be able to buy insect repellent from the shops. At the Parks Shops inside the National Parks as well as our local supermarkets like Checkers, Pick & Pay, Spar – so if you forgot to pack yours, don’t worry!


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