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Ready, Steady, Travel

Here at Outlook Safaris we always do whatever we can to make our guests’ stay as comfortable as possible. This includes giving our guests a heads up on the weather, what’s news in the area and some handy packing tips.

Seize the moment...

is probably the mantra of anyone who has ever been bitten by the travel bug.

It’s your weekly snapshot

And we’re happy to report that the Easter weekend busyness has passed!

Mosquitos and Malaria: What you need to know...

We give you some tips on malaria and the mosquitos that carry it...

Rainy season has started

Finally, some relief has come for the Kruger National Park!

Struggling with packing

Don’t worry, we are here to help with that and read about a brave young boy facing his fear. We also have your weather for the week ahead and a few things more.

South Africa

is a very diverse country with our weather varying from region to region as much as the cultures and people do.

Heritage day is here

here and in this edition of your weekly Ready, Steady, Travel we will be pointing out where the best places are to enjoy this fun filled day, give you some insight on what is the best South African snacks and drinks as well as give you some fun topics to discuss around the fire.

Another week has flown

by and it is time for your weekly dose of handy travel tips and info. Brace yourselves for a cold weekend and make sure to save our tips on how to cure jetlag.

It is officially Spring

and South Africa is definitely a prime destination for celebrating the new season, the trees are budding and cheerful blossoms are everywhere.

Winter is now quickly turning into Spring

the Olympics are over and the end of the year is rushing towards us.

Have you heard about the lion called Sylvester? NO?

He is a male lion of about 3 years old. He was kept in the Karoo National Park. This sneaky / adventurous devil escaped from the Park twice within a year!

Ready, Steady, TRAVEL. Are you ready for some handy travel tips because we’re ready to give it!

Our guides have been particularly awesome and our guests extremely lucky. On Monday the guides found a Pangolin.

Many times your trip to South Africa does not begin nor end in the Kruger National Park

Thus we thought it would be pretty handy telling you what the weather would be like in our main tourist cities; Cape Town and Johannesburg









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