Meet our Kruger Safari team

At Kruger Wildlife Safaris, we are passionate about African wildlife and consider it a privilege to share that passion with our guests. We believe that exceptional service, tantalising cuisine and a memorable wildlife experience is a good start. It takes special attention to every detail to ensure not just good, but great safaris. Our team is passionate about what we do for a living and our biggest reward is seeing happy guests and knowing that through our efforts, we have made a contribution towards the conservation of South Africa’s wildlife and a sustainable and better future for its people.


Kruger Wildlife Safaris was established in 1998 and we have been sharing our passion for the African Wildlife ever since. At Kruger Wildlife Safaris we are a tight knit group of people who are all in this business to make African Dreams come true. Combined our management members have almost 80 years of experience in the Safari industry, thus you can be assured that your dreams are in very capable hands.

Our social and environmental philosophy

At Kruger Wildlife Safaris we believe that environmental tourism should never just be about business. Every decision we make is made with treading as lightly as possible and adding value wherever possible in mind. Every staff member of Kruger Wildlife Safaris got involved in the industry because of their individual passion for our natural heritage and for the people of the remarkable country we call home and that principle comes to life through how we conduct ourselves in everything we do. Because tourism can both be a blessing and a curse to any area, we strive to cause the least amount of negative impact possible on local communities in the areas that we operate in and the smallest possible environmental footprint both locally and globally.

We believe small things can make a big difference if enough people do enough and we therefor expect our clients on safari to share our social and environmental principles. We believe that the best time to start to make a difference is yesterday and we do that through small things like using only non-indigenous, invasive trees for firewood and using fossil fuel saving wheels on our vehicles to name but a few. We are continuously searching for new ways to reduce the environmental cost of our safaris and to support causes that assist with conservation and support people in need.

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